In June 2015 I was commissioned by PepsiCo's Sabritas Guadalajara Plant, to create the new artwork and billboards for their facilities. The project was done under a very tight schedule and budget. With just 2 days of production and 2 weeks of postproduction, it was certainly a challenging project but also very rewarding, as I got to meet and work with different people from all levels within the company.
1st and main billboard.
The challenge was to simplify the potato process form start to finish in order to represent through a single image what is it that it's done at Sabritas Guadalajara Plant.

2nd billboard.
I worked with front line operators, engineers, managers and directors to create a piece that represented the people at Sabritas Guadalajara and the commitment to their products.

3rd billboard.
This third billboard is a tribute to women. It honors those who have a strong sense of commitment, and those who strive everyday to make a difference.

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